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60" x 0.060" x 20,000# Progressive Slear Line w/Recoiler

Ref # 10128-HK

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YEAR: 1990

Capacity: 60" x 0.060" Mild Steel
Coil Weight: 20,000# In
10,000# Out
Coil O.D.: 60"
Line Speed: 300 fpm in Recoil Mode
100 fpm in Cut-to-Length/Slear Mode

Consisting of the following:

-Progressive Coil Car: 20,000# Capacity
Model 1554
48" Wide Bed
Approx. 10" from Floor to bottom of "V" Cradle
Hydraulic Lift, approx. 18"
Hydraulic Motor Travel
Plumbed to Hydraulic Power Unit in Uncoiler Base
Overall Size: 66" L x 54" W x 59" High

-Progressive Uncoiler: 20,000# Capacity
18" - 23" Hydraulic Wedge Type Expansion
64" Face Mandrel
Motorized Overarm Holddown Roll
(2) Air Caliper Disc Brakes
Hydraulic Motorized Feed up Drive
Self-Contained Hydraulic Power Unit
Passline" 50" from Floor to center of Mandrel
Overall Size: 122" L x 65" W x 94" High

-Progressive 7 Roll Straightener:
3" Diameter Rolls, 3 over 4
Center Flight of Backups
Catenary Rolls on Exit
Entry Driven Pinch Rolls
10 HP DC Motor & Reducer in Base
Overall Size: 84" L x 30" W x 64" High

-Sonic Loop Control:

-Progressive Slear Unit:
Slitter Head, 5" Dia. x 64" Face Arbors
Hub Type Knives
Full Width Servo Feed
Urethane Top Roll & Chrome Bottom
15 HP Baldor DC Motor, 1750/2300 RPM, 240 V
100 fpm Max. Line Speed
+/- 0.0312" Length and Squareness Accuracy
Exit Pinch Rolls, Powered
Famco High Speed Shear
Model: PC-172
S/N: S-03895332
250 spm
Over Driven
Air Clutch & Brake
74" Long Straight Raked Blade
2 HP Baldor AC Motor, 1140 RPM, 208-230/460 V
Overall Size: 148" L x 58" W x 88" High

-Hydraulic Scissors Lift Table/Stacker:
10 Ft Long Sheet Capacity
132" L x 60" W Top on Lift Table
Max. Weight Capacity: 10,000#
Hydraulic Operation
Entire Table Mounted on V-Groove Casters for Quick
Positioning In and Out of Line

-Progressive Tension Stand:
Entry Separator Tooling Bar
Air Bladder Pad Type Unit
64" Long Pad
Exit Pass Line Roll
Passline: 47"
Overall Size: 96" L x 30" W x 59" High

-Progressive Recoiler: 10,000# Capacity
20" Dia. x 64" Face Drum
60" O.D. Capacity
9" Dia. Main Shaft at Forward Bearing
Hydraulic Expand (No Gripper Slot)
40 HP Baldor DC Motor, 1750/2100 RPM, 500 V
Overarm Separator
No Pushoff
Speed: 0 - 300 fpm @ 20" Drum Dia.
Passline: 45" from floor to center of Mandrel
Overall Size: 136" L x 72" W x 92" High

-Progressive Exit Coil Car:
Model: 1554
64" Wide Deck
Approx. 10" from Floor to bottom of "V" Cradle
Hydraulic Lift & Travel
Hydraulic Power from Central Source
Overall Size: 70" L x 64" W x 53" High

-Progressive Scrap Winder:
16" W x 30" Dia. Ball Capacity
2,500# Ball Weight Capacity
Manual Ball Extraction
Ac Motor Driven
Oscillate Level Wind
Overall Size: 68" L x 60" W x 51" High

-Main Operators Control Panel:

-Line Direction: Left to Right

-Removed and in Storage: Toledo, OH.

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